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Over the past decade Kerwin G. Ebanks has developed a style of “detailed accounts of everyday Caymanian life [that] are given a contemporary touch with clever references to the popular culture of today.”1  Drawing on daily personal experiences, a repertoire of skills garnered from university studies, self-discovery and teaching art, have helped to define an aesthetic that is uniquely Kerwin’s.


Ebanks continues to push the boundaries of his creativity portraying “images not of a bygone era, but of Cayman today.”2 He is influenced by great American painter, Winslow Homer for his many seascapes and localizes these arrangements with his familiarity with Cayman - its culture, its lifestyles, its attitudes, its heritage.


Ebanks' more conceptual artwork “uses historical or traditional themes with a contemporary spin – some canvases incorporate oils, acrylics and water colours; others he painted, in part, using coffee and tea; and still others include batik print or burned crayon.”

For his sculptural and functional works, as well as his mosaics, Ebanks utilizes refuses that have been swept unto the shores of the islands  from elsewhere.


His work is a part of numerous collections including the Cayman Islands National Museum and National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.


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